AWS Account

StackCash-Limited Resources

Services and resources that require a sufficient StackCash balance include EC2 and RDS. If your Team attempts to provision one of these resources and does not have sufficient StackCash, the resource may fail to provision or will be stuck in a "stopped" state.

Permitted Services and Resources

AWS services permitted for use with Team-assigned AWS accounts are the following (but not necessarily limited to):

  • EC2 (see instance types and storage limits below)

  • S3

  • Lambda

  • DynamoDB

  • RDS (see instance types and storage limits below)

  • IAM

  • VPC

  • Redshift

  • ElastiCache

  • Route53

  • CloudFront

With EC2 and RDS, only the following instance types/families are permitted:

  • a1.medium

  • t2 (nano, micro, small, medium)

  • t3 (nano, micro, small, medium)

  • t3a (nano, micro, small, medium)

  • t4g (nano, micro, small, medium)

EC2 and RDS instances are limited to 1TB of storage each, and only of storage types gp2, gp3, and standard.

Account, Resource, and Data De-Provisioning

Once a Team's Event has concluded and judging is complete, access to all Team AWS accounts will be removed. All data and resources in the accounts will be completely de-provisioned and all data wiped. It will not be possible to recover these resources and data.

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