Inviting Users

Managing invitations

Navigate to the Invitations tab in the Admin->Users menu. Here you can view, create, and manage invitations sent to individuals to join your organization.

Be sure the email address you submit your invitation to will only be used by a single individual. Invitation codes can be used only once.

Creating a new invitation

Click the New Invitation button to manually send a new user invitation to the email address you provide.

Bulk uploading users

To submit a bulk list of users to invite to your organization, click the Upload Invitation List button. This will display the following dialog:

The file should be a comma-separated value (CSV) file in plain-text format, with or without an initial header. As long as the file you are submitting has an email address in any field, the file should successfully process and have invitations sent to all recipients.

Uploaded lists can contain a maximum of 100 lines/users. If you need to upload more, separate the file into 100-user blocks and upload them one at a time.

Resending invitations

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