The event participants list is accessed via the Participants tab on the Event overview page, which lists the current organization users who have been granted access to the event.
Event participants
Event participants can be placed within one or several roles:
Spectator Spectators are able to view the general details of an event and the overall scoring results.
Player Players are able to be assigned to and participate in teams.
Subject Matter Expert (SME) SMEs are participants available for teams to consult with for expert advice, at the expense of StackCash [Coming Soon].
Judge Judges are able to score teams based on judging criteria set for the event, once the event has entered its judging phase.
Manager Managers are able to modify the details of the event, modify participants and roles, and modify teams and their members' roles.
Free Agent A Free Agent is a potential Player in the event. They are participants not yet assigned to an event team and are available for recruitment, at the expense of StackCash [Coming Soon].