Dashboard Overview


The Overview page presents a high-level overview of the status of any current event and team you're currently active in, as well as any recent notifications that have arrived during your currently active session.

The five most recent notifications will be displayed in the Recent Notifications widget. Here you can also mark all notifications as read. Marking notifications read will eventually remove them from the list.

If you are joined into a currently active event, some of its details will be displayed in the Current Active Event widget. The state of the event will be displayed ("Running," "Judging," etc.), as well as a brief summary, its start/end times, and its judging criteria.

If you are participating in the currently active event as a player in a team, the Current Active Team widget displays the team name you are currently associated with, as well as a list of its team members.

The team StackCash widget will display if you are participating in a team in the currently active event. The most recent ten transactions will be displayed, the brief details of each transaction, the cashflow trend, and a graph showing overall transaction activity.

The top navigation bar provides quick access to several overviews from any page within the StackRef dashboard.

Event details

The Event Details icon will display green when the currently active event is in progress and not close to ending, white when the event has not started yet, and red when time has almost elapsed.

If the event has not started yet, the time below the icon will count down until the event has entered Running mode. Once the event has started, the time displayed will indicate the time remaining until the event enters the Judging phase.

You can click the View Event button to be brought to the active event overview page.

Server Status

The StackRef Server Status icon indicates a successful or failed connection to the "Tator" messaging service. The icon will indicate red when connectivity is lost or failed; green when connection has been established.

Tator rooms are used for notification delivery. Messages designated as organization-wide will be sent to and received in the Organization channel, event-wide to the Event channel, and team-wide to the Team channel.


Clickin the Team icon will display a list of currently-active team members, if you are in a team within your currently active event.


The Notifications icon will display an indicator if there are any unread notifications waiting to be read. Upon clicking Mark all as read, messages will continue to appear for a short time, and the unread indicator will disappear.


The right-most icon will display either your profile picture or the first initial of your first name. Clicking this icon will display your name and job title (if you've added one), as well as a method for logging out of the StackRef dashboard.

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