Stuck for ideas?

So you want to have a quick hackathon with your internal teams but need some general ideas? Maybe these could spark your imagination.

  1. Develop a tool that helps organizations streamline their project management processes. This could include features such as task assignment, project scheduling, and progress tracking.

  2. Create a mobile app that helps people track their daily expenses and manage their finances. The app could include features such as budgeting tools, expense tracking, and bill payment reminders.

  3. Design a website or web application that helps people find and compare local services, such as health care providers, home repair contractors, or tutors.

  4. Build a software solution that helps people organize and manage their personal or professional contacts. This could include features such as contact import, categorization, and communication tracking.

  5. Create a game or interactive application that teaches users a new skill or concept in a fun and engaging way. This could be an educational game for children, a language learning app, or a training program for professionals.

  6. Develop a platform that connects volunteers with non-profit organizations and causes that match their interests and availability. The platform could include features such as a volunteer directory, event calendar, and impact tracking.

  7. Create a virtual reality application that allows users to explore and learn about different locations or historical events in an immersive way.

  8. Build a tool that helps people plan and book their travel arrangements, including flights, hotels, and activities. The tool could include features such as price comparison, itinerary planning, and trip tracking.

  9. Design a software solution that helps small businesses and freelancers manage their client relationships, including tasks such as invoicing, project tracking, and communication management.

  10. Create an application that helps people improve their mental health and well-being, such as through guided meditation, stress management techniques, or journaling exercises. The app could include features such as personalized recommendations and progress tracking.

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