Organization Events

To see a list of planned, completed, and currently-running events, navigate to the Organization->Events menu.

Current events

Current events are those that are in a Running or Judging state. If your user has been added as a participant in one of these events, you can choose to Join or Exit from the
Joining an event will present a green checkbox in the upper-right corner of the event box. This will be selected as your "Current Active Event" and affect what is displayed in the dashboard for teams, event times, and scores.
Exiting the active event
Current events that you are not permitted to join (e.g., not a participant) will be marked with a red-crossed circle in the upper-left corner of the event box. You can select from the
menu to "Request to Join," which will alert the event coordinators and allow them to decide whether to take action or not [Coming Soon].
Prevented from event

Upcoming / ended events

A list of upcoming and ended events is listed at the bottom of the page. If permitted, you can view the details of each event, including team details and scoring results.